Flag Day Celebrations- 07/11/15


(a)   Speech about Flag day by Scout Troop Leader in the Morning Assembly.

(b)   All Faith Prayer by Whole Vidyalaya

(c)   Poster Exhibition regarding Scouts, Deforestation, Eradication of tobacco and Plastics and different types of pollution.
Flag Day Celebration - 7/11/15

All Faith Prayer - Flag Day Celebration (7/11/15)

Poster Exhibition- Flag Day Celebration  (7/11/15)

Panel Inspection on 05/11/2015
1.   Mr. Johnson Mathew, Asst. Commissioner , RO Ern Region

2.   Mrs. Suhara, Principal, KV Calicut No. 1
3.   Mr, Vijayan, Principal, KV Ezhimzla
4.   Mr. Subramannian, I/C Principal KV No 2, Calicut
5.   Mr  Kumar Mohan, I/C Principal, KV Perigome
6.   Mr. Bhatt, HM, KV Kannur
Address by Asst. commissioner in the Assembly 

Staff Meeting on Inspection Day - 5/11/15

CCA Programe on Panel Inspection Day - 05/11/2015

CCA Programe on Panel Inspection Day - 05/11/2015

Farewell to Mrs. Usha on Retirement (31/10/15)

Farewell to Mrs. Usha on Retirement (31/10/15)

Farewell to Mrs. Usha on Retirement (31/10/15)

Ekta Divas Celebration  - 31 Oct 2015

Unity Run on Ekta divas

Vigilance Week- 26 Oct to 30 Oct

     Vigilance awareness programs like speech, Drama conducted.
Pledge on vigilance week

Drama during Vigilance Week Programme

Hindi Drama

PTA Meeting  - Class IX

Community Lunch for Primary students - Oct 2015

Community Lunch  - Class I

Community Lunch  - Class III

Community Lunch  - Class II

Community Lunch  - Class V

Activity - Class II

Grandparents Day - 05 Oct

Grant parents day conducted on 05 Oct with the  grandparents of Primary students. Programmes like prayer, songs, dances and games conducted during the  time. Light refreshment also given to the grandparents.





Games by Grandparents

Puppet making Training to Primary Teachers - 03 Oct

Training for Puppet Making to Primary Teachers

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration - 02 Oct


(a)   Pricipal, Teachers and Students paid homage to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi with flowers in the morning assembly. 
(b)  Students given speech about Mahatma Gandhi .
(c)   Students prepared chart about the thoughts and life of Mahatma Gandhi and shown in the assembly and pasted in the notice board.
(d)  Quiz programme conducted about the life of Mahatma Gandhi in the morning assembly.
(e)   Books exhibition of books about Mahatma Gandhi conducted from 01 Oct to 03 Oct in the school premises

Homage to Mahatma Gandhi by Principal

Chart about Mahatma Gandhi

Books Exhibition - About Mahatma Gandhi

Books Exhibition - About Mahatma Gandhi