Result of competitions held during Library week (04 Nov to 20 Nov 2013)

Book Review Writing Competition

Class VI

Ist Position     -   Miss Megha Dinesh
2nd Position   -   Miss Anaswara T
3rd Position   -   Miss Nynika Sunil

Class VII

Ist Position     -   Master Saurav P
2nd Position   -   Miss Ayana Dinesh
3rd Position   -   Miss Arya Babu

 Library Book Mark Card Making Competition

Class IV

Ist Position     -   Miss Amritha S
2nd Position   -   Miss Hiba
3rd Position   -   Miss Mansha

Class V

Ist Position     -   Miss Alaika Anil
2nd Position   -   Miss Panjami
3rd Position   -   Miss Soorya Gayathri

 Class VI

Ist Position     -   Miss Gayathri Sudheer
2nd Position   -   Miss Aswathi Vinod
3rd Position   -   Miss Srenna

Class VII

Ist Position     -   Master Anupam
2nd Position   -   Miss Aswani Raj
3rd Position   -   Miss Ayana Dinesh

 Quiz  Competition

Ist Position     -   Raman House
2nd Position   -   Tagore House
3rd Position   -    Shivaji & Ashoka House


Quiz Competition on Library Week

1.        Which state of india have longest coastel area          -           Gujarat

2.        Kalinga, the war place of King Ashoka , now situated in which state      -Orissa

3.        Who is the last guru of Sikh religion     -           Guru Gobind Singh(10th)

4.        Which is the hardest part of human body      -           Teeth enamel

5          Who was the Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi     -           Gopala Krishna Ghokhale

6.        who is known as Father of Internet      -           Vinton Surf

7          Who is called Father of nation of America -   George Washington

8.        Who is the father of Indian Space programme         -           Vikram Ambalal Sarabai

9          The Indian who got Bharat Ratna (highest civilian award of India ) & Nishan –e-Pakistan (highest civilian award of
Pakistan        -           Moraji Desai

10.      Name the  largest exhibition ground in India -           Pragati Maidan, Delhi   
11.      Which country apart fom India celebeate its Independence day on 15 Aug    -South korea (1948) & Republic of Kongo (1960)

12       According to tradition . the thee N’s that an Indian Army soldier can die for are,  Naam (Name), Namak (Salt) and   
________     -           Nishan (Flag)

13.      How many players should be in a Hand ball team    -   07

14.      Which fish is known as dangerous /horror fish         -     Pirana

15.      Where is the largest library in India situated -  National Libray in Kolkata

16.      Where will be the next World cup football will conduct     -    Brazil (2014)

17       Das Capital is written by   -     Karl Marx

18.      The God of Small things is witten by  -   Arundhati Roy (Booker prize -1997)

19.      War and Peace is written by   -    Leo Tolstoy (Russia)

20.      A Tale of two cities written by   -   Charles Dickens

21.      Land of thousand Lake   -   Finland

22.      Which country is known as play ground of Europe  -  Switzerland

23.      Longest Dam in India   -  Hirakud (Orissa- Mahanadi)

24.      Which is the largest island in the world   -  Green land

25.      Oldest national flag is belongs to which country   -     Denmark

26.      Which county’s national flag has its own map    -    cyprus

27.      Which country’s national flag has only one colour   -    Libiya (green)

28.      Which country’s national flag has not in the shape of square or rectangle  -   Nepal      

29.      National Sports day   -  Aug 29 (Birthday of Dyan Chand)

30.      National Science day celebrates on  -  28 Feb

31.      When we celebrated national Education Day  -  11 Nov

32.      When we celebrates National Hindi Divas   -   Sep 14

33.      Full form of ESMA  -   Essential Services Maintenance Act

34       Full form of GAIL    -   Gas Authority of India Limited

35       full form of LTTE     -   Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam

36       Full form of NHRC  -   National Human Right Commission

37       Among the six field  the Nobel prize given , in which one was not paid by the endowment set up by Dr. Alfred
Nobel     -  Economics (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace & Literature)

38       Name the supersonic cruise missile made by India & Russia         -
 Bhramos ( Bhramaputra river & Moscova river)

39       The last Supper is a painting of    -   Leonardo da Vinci (Italy)

40       Edmond Hilari who conquered the Everest Mountain belongs to which country     -  Newziland (1953 may 29 8848M)

 41       Name the student social organisation which starts on the 100th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi   -   National
Service Scheme (NSS)

42.      Who is known as Indian Shakespeare  -   Kalidasan

43.      Who is the first Indian who got first Individual gold medal in Olympics   -  Abinav Bindra (10m Air riffle) 

44.      First Non congress government Prime Minister of india    -   Moraji Desai(1977-79)
45.      Who is the first Indian became the Miss World   -   Reeta Faia 1966

46.      The famous musician Bismillah Khan associated with which musical instrument   -   Shehanaye
47.      Which is the smallest parliament constituency in India   -  Lakshadweep

48       In India which is the highest award given for Literature    -   Gyan Peth Award

 Choose Any One Answer

1  In which city Kumbh  festvaL never held    -  Nasik, Hrishikesh, Prayag, Ujjain

2  Which veda deals with medical science       -   Rigveda. Samveda, Atharv veda, Yajurveda

3   Where did Lord Budda get Nirvana     -   Lumbibi, Bodh Gaya, Kushinagar, Ujjain    
4   Nautanki is the performing art of which state      -     Rajastan. UP, Gujarath, Jharkhand

5  Who was the first lady recipient of Bharatratna      - Sarojini Naidu, Indhira Ghandhi, Mother Teresa, MS Subhalaxmi

6  Name the first state of  free India which was formed on linguistic basis  -   TN, Andhra Pradesh, Panjab, Gujarath       
7  Lucknow city is situated in the bank of the which river     -     Ganga, Jamuna, Gomati, Narmada

8   National Institute of Oceanography situated in which state   -   Goa, TN, Gujarat, Kerala
9   Who,s quotation is this  – “The sun,  the moon and the truth cannot hide for long    -    Swami Vivekananda, Buddha,
Mahatma Gandhi,  srirama krishna paramahansa

10  Vidya Amritamashnute is the logo of which organisation    -   CBSE, ,Indian National Science Academy, NCERT
,National Council of Teachers Education 

11   The Pime Minister who wrote the work "The Insider"   -   Lal Bahadur Sastri, IK Gujral, PV Naasimha Rao, AB

12   Which organisation uses a reporting system called “The Guardian”  to track terrorist threats    -    Natinal Investigation
Agency(NIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI), Israel Commandos, Indian Marine Commandos

13   Which was the first country to host two football world cups     -    Brazil, Mexico. West Germany, France           

14   Ortographobia is a fear of what    -   Fear of Ghost, Fear of spelling mistakes , Fear of   dreams, Fear of flowers

15   Which was the first film in which Amitabh Bacchan sang  playback     -    Dostana, Mr. Natwarlal, Amar Akbar
Antony,Hera Pheri

16    In Olypics  symbel , there are 5 rings with 5 colours . Which colour represent s  Asia    -  Yellow  (America- Red
,Ausralia- Green , Europe- Blue, Africa-Black)

Library Week 2013 ( 04 Nov to 20 Nov )

Programmes :

(a)  Book Fair by New Light Publishers, Trivandrum ( 05 & 06 Nov )

(b)   Quiz Competition   - 08 Nov 2013

(c)   Book Mark Making Competition -  11 Nov to 15 Nov 2013

(d)   Book Review Writing Competition - 18 & 19 Nov 2013