10th All India KV Child Art Exhibition - 2014 conducting by KV Rajahmundry

Topics of the Drawing :

 Godavari Pushkar Mela/Kumbhmela scene, Peace/terrorism, Village or City Scene, Any Festival, Afforestation its benefits, Teacher's Day Celebration, National Integration, Wild Life, Cultural Heritage of India, Global Warming and its effects, Any Festival, Values like showing respect to the elders/helping elders, Go green, School Activities/Celebrations, Population Explosion, Sports and games, Sceneries or ANY OTHER TOPIC THE CHILD LIKE (TOPIC IS OPEN)

Size :   1/4th or 1/2th of the drawing sheet (11 x 14 inches or 14 x 22 inches size) Other sizes are not acceptable

Medium :  Any Medium (Water colors, Crayons, Oil pastels , poster color etc.) except pencil.

Groups : Grroup A -  Class I and II
               Group  B  -  Class III and IV
               Group  C  -  Class V and VI
               Group  D  -  Class VII and VIII
               Group  F (Special)   - Class VI to Class XII (with  Acrylic colors or Oil Colors(not oil                         pastels).

Entry :     04 drawings will selects from each group and send for competition.
                  In Group F all selected drawings will sent.

Date for submitting the drawing is before 27 Oct 2014.